Earlier this week, Spurs On Fire reported via the Spanish website MundoDeportivo.com that Erazem Lorbek would finally come and play with the San Antonio Spurs.

However, according to the Slovenian website Kosarki.si, that all options are still open for Lorbek's future.

Lorbek denied the rumors appeared on the Spanish press that he already reached an agreement with the Spurs.

The Slovenian big man said that all the options are open.

"Spanish media wrote the false about my future saying that I am going 100% to the Spurs. After NBA and Barca there is a third scenario: to play with another Euroleague team. All my options are open"

Lorbek will be a good addition to the Spurs frontline, but if he chose not to join San Antonio in the immediate future, at 28 years old; he might not get another crack at having an NBA career.

On the other hand, the Spurs are surely exploring all possible options as well to try to improve their roster for next season. 

(Photo via radioaktual.si)