As reported by Mike Monroe of Spurs Nation, San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker thinks he got a hint on what Boris Diaw was thinking a few days ago when he discovered his longtime friend was not in the guest house at his residence. The guest house has been Diaw’s home since he signed with the Spurs in March after negotiating a contract buyout with the Bobcats.

“Right now all his stuff is at my house,” Parker said after spending a day with youngsters attending the Spurs’ basketball camp at the University of the Incarnate Word on Monday. “He left without notice and left all his stuff.”

Parker left his own things behind this morning when he took off from San Antonio for Paris, where he will join Diaw and other members of the French national team to begin preparations for the Olympic tournament, scheduled to begin in London on July 28.

The Spurs must wait until July 1, when the free agency begins to know if they have a reasonable chance of keeping the versatile big man for a few more seasons in San Antonio.

Coach Gregg Popovich and company will have a lot of thinking and decision-making to do this offseason, starting with Tim Duncan, but know this.

Parker says Diaw would love to stay with the Spurs because he likes the culture in San Antonio. It will depend upon on how the Spurs will manage their own free agents and at the same time look for more talents to improve their team.

With R.C. Buford and Popovich at the helm, expect the Spurs to make the right decisions this offseason and perhaps have a strong run at another NBA title next season.

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