After four games the San Antonio Spurs and the Oklahoma City Thunder are tied at 2-2 in their Western Conference Finals series. Both teams have held home court, but the momentum is clearly on the Thunder's side.

Credit coach Scott Brooks for making the right adjustments in Games 3 and 4.

Now it's the Spurs turn.

The home crowd will certainly help San Antonio. However, if they keep playing Oklahoma the way they played them the past two games they could get into trouble.

Forget the numbers and X's and O's, the Thunder simply outplayed and outsmart the Spurs (I can't believe I said those lines), that is why they were able to even the series after losing the first two games.

The Spurs offense needed push early and their defense on Kevin Durant has to get better, but a lineup change could fix that problem.

Danny Green has struggled in this series, starting Manu Ginobili may not be such a bad idea. The Spurs needs some bravado and they are better with their Big 3 are on the floor at the same time.

Ginobili will provide offense for sure, and the Thunder will have to worry about him too instead of focusing much on Tony Parker on defense.

Also DeJuan Blair clearly deserve more minutes against the Thunder. 

There are reasons why Blair was successful against Oklahoma in the past --- He takes up space and can provide energy and rebounding, something the Spurs lacked in their last two defeats.

Defending Durant is a different story, the way he scored 16 straight points in the final quarter of Game 4 was simply sensational, but the Spurs made a lapse in defensive rotation during that span.

Parker, Ginobili and Stephen Jackson took turns on Durant on that fourth quarter explosion instead of Kawhi Leonard, Jackson and perhaps Green.

Durant is difficult to spot on offense, but San Antonio must make life harder for him. 

After losing back-to-back games in like forever, the Spurs must treat Game 5, as a must win.

No team have won on the road in this series and San Antonio has to make sure it stays that way.

This game could be pivotal on which team will advance to the NBA Finals.

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