The San Antonio Spurs stayed perfect in the postseason after 10 games. Their winning streak is at 20 if you add their 10-game wining streak during the regular season. By doing so, the Spurs became just only the fourth team in NBA history to post at least 20 consecutive wins in a single season.

With the way San Antonio has played in the playoffs, it is a fair question to ask if this team can actually go undefeated on their way to fifth NBA crown.

Because there are some signs. 

In Game 3 for example against the Los Angeles Clippers in the Western Conference semifinals, the Spurs faced a 24-point deficit in the first half that they erased using 24-0 run of their own in the third period and eventually won the game.

In Game 1 against the Oklahoma City Thunder, San Antonio were again on the ropes. Down by 9 at the start of the fourth period, coach Gregg Popovich pumped in some life to the Spurs by asking them to give him a little bit of nasty and it worked.

The Spurs are now leading the Thunder 2-0 in their Western Conference Finals series, and the odds are in their favor. Teams up 2-0 in the conference finals are 59-3 in terms winning the series.

However, staying perfect is totally a different story, teams down 0-2 is 29-16 in Game 3s at home.

Going perfect in the playoffs would be great, and it will be dream come true. 

San Antonio needs only six games to do that. After winning 20 straight anything seems to be possible with this team.

But if the Spurs somehow stumble, and dispatch the Thunder in say six games, and then eventually win their fifth NBA title against either the Celtics or Heat in the end, going perfect won't really matter.

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