The San Antonio Spurs played good defense that resulted to an easy fast break point.

Off the Clippers turnover, Stephen Jackson sends it to a trailing Tiago Splitter for the two-handed dunk.

It looked like a simple play on the run, but Jackson had multiple options in this play.

With two wing players (Danny Green and Tony Parker) going on opposite sides of the floor, the Clippers defense went wide open in an attempt to defend the passing lanes.

Splitter meanwhile, caught his man napping, and ran the floor hard for the easy two.

Even without Splitter cutting in, the Spurs have put them in a great advantage in this scenario.

Jackson can either: 

A. Pass it to Green on the opposite side for an open 3-pointer. B. Give it to Parker on the side for a pull up jumper or a drive in layup. or C. Take a 3-point jumper of his own.

Jackson's court vision and decision-making made the play possible, but the key was spacing, and the Spurs executed it to perfection while on the run.