I've always been a basketball enthusiast all my life, I learned to play basketball since I was 6.
My favorite team growing up was the Chicago Bulls of the 90's led by a guy named Michael Jordan, I admired him for his exceptional talent and leaping (flying?) ability, even with the coming of great talents in NBA right now (Kobe,Lebron, Carmelo and D-Wade to name a few). Jordan's artistry and grace in playing basketball is one of a kind... So as they put it, there is only one Michael Jordan, the Greatest Of All Time...
In 1997 things have changed, now I have 2 favorite teams to root for: The Jordan-led Bulls and of course the San Antonio Spurs. I instantly became a Spurs fan mainly because of Tim Duncan (I followed him during his basketball days at Wake Forest).
And since then Spurs Basketball has evolved, they became alot better and finaly win multiple NBA Titles that seemed so impossible when Duncan was not yet around.
I Love the game, and I Love the way the Spurs play and being a fan you must feel lucky to have an organization that is class act from Top to bottom. They are arguably the best NBA franchise for over a decade now and probably the best in entire sports...
WHY I CREATED THIS BLOGSITE?I like to read a lot, specialy if its about the Spurs... I always wanted to share and exchange my opinions, point of views and knowledge of the game . And also, I love to have great discussions with my fellow Spurs Fans. In fact, this blogsite was created mainly because I was inspired by the work of Timothy Varner and Graydon Gordian at 48 Minutes Of Hell .... you Guys are Great!
I will try my best to keep posting articles that hopefully will capture your interest, I'm not a writer, but with your help. I think it can be done (I hope!).
So to my fellow Spurs fans, if you happen to bump into this site... Feel free to leave any comments or suggestions to make things around here a lot better ... This upcoming season is an exciting one, GO! SPURS! GO!